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Wichita Senior Photos

wichita senior photos


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Every senior photo session starts with a super casual consultation.  This is our opportunity to see if we "click", and if I'm the right photographer for you. I'll walk you through the entire senior photo experience, and together we'll discuss ideas for creating your amazing senior photos. This includes vision, location ideas, and outfits. I'll also walk you through my collections, and show you all the custom products that I offer. Finally, we'll set a time for your senior photo session, and go through the Senior Photo Contract and Model Release.

Consultations are Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. 


I like to keep things simple. You'll sign your Senior Photo Contract and Model Release electronically. A $100 deposit that goes towards your final purchase is required to hold your session date and time, which you can also pay electronically. Boom! The remaining balance is due at the Premier Ordering Session. 

Session Prep

I'll send a link to a gorgeous 70+ WHAT TO WEAR GUIDE that explains how to dress for your body type, what colors you should wear to compliment your skin tone, and pages upon pages of wardrobe ideas. Make sure to not forget the important details like presentable nails, proper fitting undergarments, and scheduling your hair and makeup appointment. 

Photo Shoot

Best day ever! Make sure to get plenty of rest and be ready to have fun! My assistant, Taylor and I will meet you at our designated meeting spot. Make sure to arrive on time so we have time to do everything we planned with enough daylight. Photo sessions go by really quick!


Within two weeks, we'll meet again for your Premier Ordering Session. You won't be left to make decisions on your own with an on-line gallery. During your Premier Ordering Session, your senior photos will be presented in a custom slideshow, you'll be able to touch and feel product samples, and I'll be there to answer any questions and help you along with way. 

wichita senior photos

every collection Includes: 

pre-session Consultation

In-person Premier Ordering Session

Unlimited outfit changes




This collection includes:


three hour photo session

up to four locations

At least 60 high resolution images

online gallery with download access

print release

custom photo app

$50 print credit

This collection includes:


one hour photo session

up to two locations

At least 30 high resolution images

online gallery with download access

print release


$750 + tax

$500 + tax

The senior photo experience in general was very enjoyable and I had a lot of fun, even between picture taking. Sarah is very nice and easy to get along with, she is very professional and talented, and I was happy with the results.
— Christina


What is the best time of day to shoot at? 1-2 hours before Sunset. This is know as the Golden Hour since the sun is the most flattering, and gives the best opportunity for sun kissed images. I'm comfortable shooting in any lighting condition, but this is the time that I prefer do shoot senior photos. Plus, it gives us a great opportunity to take a sunset photo. 

What kind of gear do you shoot with? I shoot with a full frame Nikon camera body and a variety of Sigma lenses. I also have a variety of flashes and lighting options so I'm prepared for any lighting condition.  

How would you describe your style? I'm drawn to fashion inspired images, dramatic light and bright colors. Urban locations are my absolute favorite place to shoot. 

Where do you find inspiration? Ads in fashion magazines, art, and location scouting around Wichita. I have about 20 different ideas for photo shoots that I'm just waiting for the right senior to bring the vision to life. 

Why do I need to sign a Senior Photo Contract? During the consultation, I'll explain everything that is in the contract. A contract simply makes sure that we are both on the same page and protects both parties.

What is a Model Release? Signing this gives me permission to use your images in marketing campaigns and on my website. This is a very standard release among photographers. 

What does your assistant do? I wish I could say that I pack light for photo sessions but I have a lot of gear. She helps me carry my gear, sets up my lighting equipment, holds my reflector, and runs the Snapchat story. 

I'm not that comfortable in front of the camera, is that OK? Yes! It's my job to give you things to do, ask you questions, and do anything silly to get you to laugh. They is nothing worse than a silent photographer that expects you to be a model in front of their camera.