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Reflections on starting Sarah Kidwell Photography

Next month, almost two years ago, I created my first website and published my first blog post. Hitting publish on the quick blog post definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. I'd already purchased my first DSLR camera and learned to shoot in manual mode.

In my typical fashion, I jumped right in feet first and started marketing for customers. When I started Sarah Kidwell Photography, I didn't realize that I would find myself again in the process. I was unemployed and ready to do something for myself, something that I had control over. Photography gives me and purpose and passion in life, a need that accounting has never been able to fill. I love the fact that I learn something after everyday and am constantly improving my craft. Here a couple of images from my first session with sweet Jenny back in 2012 and two from my latest session with Van this month.


starting a photography business


starting a photography business
downtown wichita photo session

Running a photography business is hard, hard work at times but one that is so rewarding when clients see themselves through the back of my camera. I wouldn't spend my time any other way. I put my heart and soul into this and hopefully it shows!