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Why posing is so important | Wichita Portraits

This is my beautiful mom, Kathy. I took some photographs her and she was so gracious to let me use her photographs as a quick example of why, as a photographer, is so important to know and understand how to pose your clients. 

wichita portraits

Many times, when I'm getting my camera settings dialed in, I ask my client to just simply stand there. These first photos are usually deleted because they are never the best from the session. This is usually how people pose on their own. Nothing exciting and certainly but not the most flattering. My mom is a petite women but being straight on to the camera with no space between your arms and your torso is a great way to make yourself look wider. 

wichita portraits

Many times, angling your body 45 degrees to the camera and leaning forward slightly so your eyes are a little closer to the camera than your lower half can make a huge difference.

Tip: Whatever is closest to the camera will appear the largest.