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The shoebox full of photos

Every Summer growing up, my parents would ship me and my younger sister off to stay with my Grandma in Hoxie, KS for two weeks. We would make homemade cinnamon rolls and talk about her boyfriends. Breakfast consisted of buttered crackers. In between baking and wandering around Hoxie, I still remember vividly, being so bored at times, trying to not fight with my annoying sister and upset my Grandma. There were few things to do in Hoxie, which included going to my Aunt's house, hanging out with my Grandpa or going shopping at the Benjamin Franklin "dime store." My Grandma was so funny. she had to completely doll herself up with full-on hair and makeup to just go to the small town grocery store or the gas station. This usually didn't happen until about 3 pm in the afternoon so we had lots of time to kill. 

One summer, while snooping around her house, I stumbled upon her cedar chest in the basement. As I removed boxes and blankets that covered the cedar chest, I wondered what could be inside. My Grandma was not the type to get things out or make a mess. Thinking back, she probably didn't think a middle schooler would even be interested in anything inside. But I was! I was so fascinated with what I found. Photos of my grandparents when they got married, photos of my mom as a baby, the worn leather motorcycle helmet that my grandma wore as she rode on the back of grandpa's motorcycle, coming to KS for the first time from Great Falls, Montana. 

I felt like I was looking into the past and I couldn't get enough. I had never seen photos like this before and I was fascinated and wanted to learn about the people in these photos.  These photos are the reason that I love B&W photos. These photos started the conversation with my Grandma and how I began to learn about my family history. These photos and their impact in a young girls life is what caused me to pick up the camera so long ago and start documenting my life. This is the reason behind my WHY, my passion for photography. 

My grandma passed several years ago and I treasure every photo I have of her. This shoebox of photos means more than most things I have. As I get older, I realize that we all have this shoebox but most of the time we only look at these photos when someone passes. Why is that? It's so important to take photos, professional or not, and document the NOW. My wish is for everyone is that they have beautiful portraits that showcase their life and their beauty. 

This ones for you Grandma.....