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Improve your portraits for only $14.19

One of the BEST tools you can purchase to improve your portraits is a 5-in-1 reflector kit. Reflectors are used to bounce light back onto your subject and can immensely improve your lighting. Photography gear is NEVER cheap and I'll admit, when I purchased this one I was in a hurry. I thought I was purchasing a 60 inch, not 60 cm, reflector. The bigger the reflector = the bigger the light source. BUT For $14.19, I's not worth returning plus, this 5-in-1 has some features my other reflectors don't. 

This features include five surfaces. You're probably thinking... why would I need all of these options? 97% of the time, you would use the silver or the white side to reflect light back into your subjects face. The black side is used to subtract light. The translucent side is used to improve a lighting situation. For example, you could place this above someone if the light hitting them was speckled and causing uneven light on their face. The gold side provides warmth, but I rarely use this side. Feel free to experiment with the different sides to your taste though. 

 Click on the photo to find this reflector directly at Amazon. 

Click on the photo to find this reflector directly at Amazon. 

As far as quality, it's really not to bad considering the price. It's got excellent ratings on Amazon. It folds easily back up in it's carrying case and is lightweight.