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Sarah Kidwell Photography Celebrates Three Years!

This post is all about putting your "balls" out there. Last month, I celebrated three years from the first time that I picked up a DSLR camera, took a class to learn how to use the thing, and started studying everything about photography that I could get my hands on.

I'd always been a photographer but to take things to a professional level is taking the style and vision you already have and making it a brand, something that stands out from the sea of other photographers. It's also learning what you like to photograph and for me, it's high school seniors. Sometimes I look back at everything I've learned and experienced since that first camera class, not only about photography but about MYSELF, and I'm so thankful. It hasn't always been the easy road but it's all worth it when I can make someone feel more confident and beautiful. 

It is so important as an artist to see where you've come from because honestly it's so easy to follow other photographers on Instagram and beat yourself up and compare yourselves to them. Since 2012, I've spent so much time learning posing, lighting, fun games to play, color theory, dressing for body shapes and advising my clients on what looks best so no fear going forward. It's only up from here..... 



wichita senior photos
wichita senior photos
Wichita senior photos
wichita senior photos

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