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Photography Basics | Rule of Thirds

Today's post is all about a basic photography principle: the rule of thirds. This is based on the idea that photos look better when their subject's are not directly in the center of the photographs. Before you snap any photo, image there is a tick-tact-toe board on the screen. Is your subject at one of the four points where those lines cross? Thinking of this principle before you take any photo will and some interest to your photo. For example, this is a photo of Cliff that I took when we visited the land that my Grandpa owned. This is a very special place to me and I was so excited to see that the mill's were working- especially since last time they weren't and Grandpa was trying to fix them- see more here!

I really liked the photo, so I asked Cliff to take one of me! I assumed he knew about composition and the rules of thirds and we got in the car and drove away. This is the photo that he took...

He literally took it of just me.... I was like, "you didn't get the windmill in the background!" Maybe the lesson here should be check your camera before you get in the car! BUT.. the point is, no matter how you take the picture, you should be able to edit in whatever software you have to apply this principle.

This was the first photo that I took but decided it was not as exciting and that I was going to get closer to my subject- Cliff. While editing any photo in Lightroom, you can see the lines that appear and that this photo was re-sized to apply this principle. Apply this to your photos and you'll create more visually interesting photos!

Enjoy a few other photos from that day!