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The Importance of Lighting | Wichita Senior Photos

Three years ago, I was just starting Sarah Kidwell Photography. I was also a newlywed and my personal life was awesome but my professional life as an accountant was in the toilet. Like, I hated going to work and dreaded the very thought of it. This is when I purchased my first camera and decided to DO something about it! 

Starting out, I had so much to learn like how to properly expose in manual mode using my DSLR, everything Photoshop as well how to create amazing lighting situations. One thing that really intimidated me at first was learning off-camera lighting. Every camera comes with a pop-up flash but the quality of light it produces is terrifying. I purchased my first Speedlight and began researching everything on the subject. Three years later, using off-camera lighting is something that I LOVE to do and and think that it just creates amazing results. 

I have a couple of test photos that I took that illustrate my point. The image on the left has no off-camera lighting and only ambient, or available, light. The second image has off-camera lighting added. See the difference? 

Sarah kidwell photography lighting example for senior photos
sarah kidwell photography senior photo lighting example
wichita senior photos

And then the final edited image of Morgan, who is just an amazing model. I love the drama that the lighting adds and also that it doesn't look like cheesy studio lighting from the 80's. 

Model: Morgan Rutledge

Hair & Makeup Provided by GG Hair Designs : http://www.gghairdesigns.com/

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