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iPhoneography Apps, PicPlayPost

One of the iphoneography apps that I'm really excited about lately is PicPlayPost. This app allows you to combine video and photos, get this, all in the same social media posting. The best part- this app is free! Plus, you'll be able to stand out since I haven't seen a lot of people posting photo/video combos like this. I love anything related to video, almost as much as photography, so I love that this app combines the two to tell as story. 

iphonegraphy apps

Here's the finished example. It doesn't translate well online but on a phone, this video is smooth. Cliff and I visited the Cayman Islands in March and swam with stingrays. So much fun and kind of scary at the same time. They were huge!  

iphoneography apps

To get started, just pick the frame style you want to correspond with the story you're going to tell. 


Once you've selected your frame, tap on one of the boxes and you can select photos from your phone. 

iphoneography apps

Photos and videos have been selected...

iphoneography apps

This app allows for lots of customization, including frame color and you can also add music if you like. 

iphoneography apps

Once you've previewed your video, you can share on all the social media sites or just save to your phone. That's it- super easy! 

iphoneography apps

I can just imagine the possibilities with this app, between all the frame options to the fact that you can include multiple videos and have them start at different times as well. Check back next week when I'll be featuring another great iphoneography app!