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Chicago Part 1

I still remember my first trip to Chicago while I was a student at Wichita State. I'd never been to a "big" city before and I was mesmerized and in love with it. Totally dreamed of moving there, then I went over the winter and froze my butt off and decided against that. Chicago still holds a special place in my heart. Since then, I've been 7 or 8 times, 3 of of those times with Cliff. Last month we traveled to Chicago again to combine two of our loves- Chicago and music- at the Lollapalooza Music Festival! 

Day 1 of our trip we spent most of the day walking around sightseeing and shopping at some of our favorites places. We could not have asked for more beautiful weather! 

 The "Bean" 

The "Bean" 

We love the Old Town area and always visit The Spice House and Tea Gschwender! Cliff was also pumped to shop for craft been that we can't get in Wichita. We also went down to the Grant Park, where Lollapalooza was at the next day to check it out. Check out the number of port-o-potties and this was just one area. 100,000 people per day attend Lollapalooza! 

Check back next week, where I'll share photos from the concerts!